Paul J. Dunn

President and Founder

Meet Paul Dunn, an accomplished and reputable estate liquidator with a passion for valuing the past and shaping the future. With years of expertise in the world of appraisals, Paul brings a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of market trends. His dedication to accuracy and comprehensive knowledge make him a trusted authority in assessing the worth of diverse assets.

Paul's commitment to excellence shines through in every estate liquidation he undertakes. His meticulous research and attention to historical context ensure that each valuation reflects both intrinsic value and market demand. From antiques to collectibles, from art to heirlooms, Paul's skillful assessments guide clients toward informed decisions.

As a leading figure in the realm of estate liquidation, Paul Dunn combines professionalism with a personable approach. Whether you're seeking to understand the value of cherished family possessions or making investment choices, Paul's insights empower you to make well-informed choices. Trust in Paul's expertise to unravel the worth of your treasures and unlock a world of possibilities.

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